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Don’t know w在这里 to start when it comes to evaluating your vendors? 

有靠谱的滚球平台 第三方风险管理 team present to you and your executive team on what exactly TPRM should mean to your organization, the significance a mature program can provide in protecting your organization’s data, 以及如何使用最佳实践. 另外, we perform specific training topics by request if t在这里 are certain areas that your team or management needs.  我们过去曾介绍过的主题包括:

  • 如何减少TPRM暴露 
  • Best and Trending Practices in Performing Onsite and Virtual Assessments
  • 管理云供应商风险 
  • Secrets Revealed: How SOC Auditors Review a SOC Report

Before you decide to start your own TPRM program or outsource processes, let us guide you as to how 开始 and what might work best for your business like we have for various leadership groups and clients.



Built by our tenured team of security, risk and compliance practitioners. We have leveraged decades of diverse subject-matter expertise and experience to be able to provide the following resources and tools:


The Schneider Downs 风险咨询靠谱滚球平台 team has the expertise, 帮助您构建的证书和工具, 实现, 调整, and manage a world-class third party risk management program. We understand that outsourcing business functions to third parties is essential in today’s business environment.  While outsourcing provides benefits such as increased efficiency and cost savings, it also increases an organization’s risk exposure to a myriad of threats presented by outsourcing.  Understanding how to identify and manage the risks presented by third party providers is vital for any business.

欲了解更多信息,请访问 or 靠谱滚球平台 开始.


Let’s discuss preventing ransomware attacks on your company. 直接给我发邮件 <a href=''>在这里</a>.
Let’s discuss preventing ransomware attacks on your company. 直接给我发邮件 在这里.
Let’s discuss opportunities to reduce your company’s tax burden. 直接给我发邮件 <a href=''>在这里</a>.
Let’s discuss opportunities to reduce your company’s tax burden. 直接给我发邮件 在这里.



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